Oral Health

To maintain good health it is very important to satisfy your body’s basic nutritional needs. Without a balanced diet your body cannot function efficiently. A balanced diet includes eating a variety of foods every day. Be sure to choose foods from each of the five major food groups — milk, yogurt and cheese; meat, poultry, fish and alternatives; fruits; vegetables; and bread, cereals and other grain products.


  • Many low-calorie, sugar-free foods are sweetened with polyols
  • Polyols taste like sugar
  • Polyols have fewer calories than sugar
  • Polyols do not promote tooth decay
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a “does not promote tooth decay” health claim for sugar-free foods and beverages sweetened with polyols
  • The American Dental Association has issued an official statement saying sugar-free foods do not promote dental caries
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